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  • Corporate Parties

  • We held our team building event here. Wow! They gave us 2 hours of play just for ourselves. This was the best event we have ever held for the team. The staff was great. All the games were fun and they were able to compete as teams. We will repeat this for sure.


  • You guys are in the books now! Each department gets to vote on where they want to go- and we just keep on coming back here. We love being able to cater in our own food for each event. You'll be seeing us for years!!

    Exxon Mobile

  • Wow. You guys are fantastic. Love that the owner built all the props himself!

    Amy K.

  • We've been in business for twenty years, and we know what it's like to operate within a budget. Call us at 1-630-851-6930 to book an event.

    We put a full facility rental within the range of anyone and give our customers an experience they will remember with a smile for years to come. Our weekday facility rentals are custom booked for two hours, with a $500 minimum.  Call us at 1-630-851-6930.


    Laser Tag originated in the 1980s and quickly became a company favorite with its unrivaled team building opportunities. With options for teams and solo games, it's always fun to see the individual personalities of your co-workers come into play in an out of work environment.


    Laser Tag and iCombat is perfect for:

    • An introductory event for a new team

    • A team strengthening exercise for an existing team

    • Friendly department competition

    • A stress reliever or reward for a project conclusion

    • A Holiday party (we are family friendly for all ages)

    We book all company events through our management team and can customize our facility and gaming system to any type of event you are looking for. We have 20 years of experience to give you some great ideas! please call us at: