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  • Chasers iCombat

  • Staff had the best customer service I've ever experienced at a child's birthday party. This business empowers their employees to improve the customer experience. Tons of fun at a fantastic price...

    Cristo B.

  • We did iCombat for my son's birthday. I had 12 year olds saying this was the best party ever and 18 year olds sweating, getting their cardio and laughing all the way! If your kids are Call of Duty fans this is the place to bring them!

    Dorell H.

  • Awesome place for a 14 yr old Birthday. We did the iCombat tactical laser tag and it was awesome! Booking was easy, through online, and they were great. Handled the group of 14 yr olds flawlessly keeping them entertained and changing the games frequently.

    Brad R.

  • Your gear is waiting...

    the most private feelin iCombat setup in Illinois.  The armory is set up as a private game room, complete with linked console games and room to spread out, relax between missions and set up a great food spread. If you like first person shooters, you have to try iCombat. Please note, because the iCombat guns weigh the same as an actual M-4 rifle, we have a 12 year old age minimum to play iCombat. 

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